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Imagine my suprise when I saw a charge billed to my debit card in the amount of $87.47 from Dazlingbrite.I never even heard of this product although I did get a 'free' trail of Idol White or Ever Brite Smile.

There was no information in the product package as to where or what this product's real identiy was and no way to contact them. I'm still working with my bank and set up a claim for a fradulant charge.

Buyer Beware is all I can say.If you want really white teeth, work with your dentist.

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I was scammed by 2 companies who work together. They called themselves Dazlingbrite and Gleamify. It was the same scam that everyone else fell victim to. Pretending that you pay a small sum for a trial and charging a lot more on a monthly basis but receiving no further products. I sent one back but still got charged.

I sent in a dispute form to my credit card company along with proof documents.

They have credited me with most of the money but say I may get billed again from these companies.

Hope this info helps some people.


I was scammed too dammit!They refused to refund, even though I returned the product unopened and unused.

I found the phone # on my bank statement.I am filing fraud against them too to recover the $95 lost in this ridiculous scam.



i also ordered the dazling brite trial kit for 3.87.i saw an article written by a journalist from consumer report online who claimed it worked quite well used in addition to another teeth whitening kit.

i have had no discrepancies or hidden fees in the charges for this other product. i received the dazling brite kit in the mail a couple weeks later and opened the tube of whitener gel to try it out. within a couple days I found a charge for 87.47 on my bank account. i called the number listed in the order confirmation email (866 777-8751) and it was not working.

i then called my bank and had the charge reversed and started the fraud investigation process with my bank. in the meantime, i found another phone number through submitted internet complaints about this company (888 869-26740) and was able to talk to a dazling white customer service agent. she tried to give me a discount on my next order which freaked me out because i had never intended to purchase anything but the trial kit. i was sternly firm with her and insisted i no longer wanted the product and wanted nothing to do with their company considering the way they had obscured the terms of the initial 3.87 purchase.

it was then that she told me that if i returned the product they could only reimburse me the 87.47 charge minus a 45% "stocking fee". she waited with me on the phone as i was sent an email link to a site to cancel my "subscription". i was given an order number and a password to...

that was august 4th. today, august 9th, i found a 3.00 charge on my bank account. again i called them and the agent informed me that it was a transaction fee! at least this time, the agent was able to tell me not to enter the password in upper case as it was shown in the letter and my change in subscription was accepted.

needless to say, i told her that she was working for a shady company and that some day there would be legislation passed to prevent this underhanded way of luring people into buying more than what they thought they were buying by obscuring terms and conditions. i have learned that from now on, i will google the product before i purchase. If i had done that in the beginning and seen all the complaints of scam and fraud surrounding this product, i would not have fallen for it. as they say -- hindsight is 20/20 --and live and learn.

I will probably have to let the bank give them back the reversed charges as i had opened the product before i knew what they were actually charging me. let's see if i can at least get whiter teeth out of this entirely f----ed fiasco! who do we write to ask for consumer protection legislation?

this kind of *** scam needs to be regulated and outlawed!:eek :eek

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Add my name to the what I'm sure is a very long list of those taken by this scheme.I too have had two charges of $87.47 taken out and have received no product.

To make matters worse, I was drawn into the scheme by a woman who obviously work with them to say how great this product was.

I hope I saved her ad.Then I will post it so people can see who she is!


I;ve read some of the comments including the ones that have phone numbers.However, it metioned that they have a website, I can't find it and would appreciate knowing the name of their site.

I have worked with my bank, had to cancel my account and don't know if I'll get any monies back as they took out $87.47 twice before I could get this stopped.I NEVER received any product.


:( im really pissed that thay are still taking moneys of me......i have not got goods and dont wish to have them now....

i just want my moneys back......and for you to stop taking more out too......please give me my moneys back now......


I had a similar experience with being charged by this company but never actually received the product.They offer to give you a $20 credit but that's it.

They say you have to "cancel your membership" online and give you a verification code to do so.

If you do that, 2 months later you will get billed a $1.49 "convenience fee" for using their website!A total scam and ripoff!


I just got off the phone with them (888-869-2674).They offered the $20 credit off next month's order, but I said, NO so they gave me the choice for $20 credit now and I keep the product or send it back and get $49 credit ($87 minus restocking fee).

I chose to get the credit now.

They also threathen to ruin your internet credit if you do a purchase chargeback on your bank account.I guess now I just wait to see if I get hit with subsequent charges...


Just got shammed they said you have to call and canceled.I called and asked them why they are charging me.

They said sorry you did canceled this and you will not be charged. Guess what they took the money out.

They also disconted that number so you can no longer call 866-7778751.This is terrible


just got scammed too. I'm pissed because I called my bank to notify them while the charge was still in pending and they told me there was nothing they could do until the charge posted to my account, so I'll be calling them tomorrow to start the dispute process. I have a feeling this is going to be a long journey

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