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this company is a total scam.I agreed to free trial plus 2.95 shipping.

10 days later a get a charge for 39.95. my banks fraud dept. also said

there was a 87.00 charge that they denied. when i called dazling brite they said i agreed to a membership.

I did not. I also never received the product. How can i try it and call them within 10 days if i don't even have the product to try. the lady i talked to said she was looking at the agreement.

I asked her if she could e-mail a copy of this agreement of course she couldn't do that. she also assured me the product had been shipped but she couldn't tell me when. she said she would cancel the agreement and give me a20.00 credit. How would i use this credit if i am no longer going to receive product.

This is the biggest rip off scam. do not get suckered in to this scam.....

dazling brite/ pure white /bright white they are all the 866-777-8751 to complain someone needs to get them off the internet.

Monetary Loss: $46.

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I have been scammed by bright white also.I sent for the sample paid the shipping charges and then was charged $87.00 on my credit card which I had to dispute.

A year has gone by and I am still getting these little charges foreign transaction fee $.04 and $1.49 for Diet Max. I have been told they all have to do with Bright White. Do not get hooked into this.

It is definitely a scam.Many people would not dispute these little charges and this could add up quite a bit for this company.


Hi yes i to have been scammed x2 by this company who seem to trade under 3 different names, vividwhitesmiles which is on the box of tooth gel and bright white on my second bank statement


I have had the exact same thing happen to me.I asked for a copy of the agreement.

They could not send it. They sent me one package and I am returning it. They charged me 87.40 twice and send they could only refund me $49.

They also said if I tell my bank to reverse the charges they will report my card # to internet fraud.What can I do to get my money back?

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